Related Projects

In addition to providing strategic thought partnership on and implementation of company realignment or creative customer/constituent engagement projects, LJR Advisors are involved in a number of other creative pursuits.

The Roads Taken podcast is the show that reminds us that you don’t have to know exactly where you’re going, you just need to be open to the adventure that awaits. Leslie Jennings Rowley serves as executive producer and host. She speaks weekly with her guests about who they were as they graduated college 25 years ago, who they thought they’d be, and how they’ve traveled down various roads to get where they are today. In the end, each of their stories will show us what Robert Frost was trying to tell us: It doesn’t really matter which way we turn…. a full life awaits, regardless of the ROADS TAKEN. Listen and subscribe at or wherever you get your podcasts.

LJR Advisors helps businesses and organizations establish an audio engagement strategy, primarily through podcasting. We have helped launch and produce podcasts such as State of Independence covering a breadth of Future of Work topics and the forthcoming Counting Sand, tackling the most interesting problems in big data, AI, and tech-enabled research today.

Hereafter Partners, LLC is an umbrella for a variety of conversations, events, programs, curated resources, and ideas around making the end of life process less worrisome and conversations about death, dying, and aging more normalized in today’s society. A true accountability partner, Hereafter Partners aims to provide both individuals and organizations tools, checklists, workflow pathways, and other consulting services for navigating this often-fraught terrain while it is not yet urgent and before it is too late.

The Endings Advisor is a forthcoming multi-media advisory project that makes the claim that Western society needs a new approach to endings to live into the present more fully. The project incorporates research and compelling expert interviews and storytelling from a range of domains spanning business, health, policy, sports, and relationships. Do you have a perspective on endings? To share it or to keep abreast of the project, subscribe now.